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Send Rakhi Gifts to USA Online with

Send Rakhi Gifts to USA Online with
Rakhi / Raksha Bandhan is a Sanctified festival for Hindus which is widely celebrated in India and among Indians residing in Across the border. Raksha Bandhan is on 26th August 2018 for this year and it’s around the corner now. Here are the useful timings to know about Raksha Bandhan 2018.

Best Time to Tie a Rakhi in 2018:
Punam Tithi Begins at 3:16 pm on 25th August 2018 and Punam Tithi Ends at 5:25 pm on 26th August 2018
Rakhi Thread Ceremony Time: 5:59 am to 5:25 pm

Malevolent Time to Tie a Knot for Rakhi 2018 – Avoid this time to tie a Rakhi
Bhadra Punchha = 01:16 pm to 02:34 pm
Bhadra Mukha = 02:34 pm to 04.45 pm
Bhadra End Time = 05:51 pm

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Send rakhi online to your brother at best prices

There is no other festival or occasion in India when sending and giving gifts is such important as Rakhi. It is on this day that siblings celebrate their love for each other. Though this connection of love and laughter is enjoyed all through the year, on this particular day both get a chance to exhibit their affection and feelings. This auspicious festival serves as an occasion for them to celebrate, rejoice and let each other know about their loyalty, loving memories, trust, closeness and friendship that is forever. It usually falls in august month and according to the Hindu calendar month of Shravana.

There are a plethora of options offered by the, the best online rakhi portal when you decide to send your Rakhi online. The collection ranges from Regular Rakhi, bhaiya-bhabhi Rakhi for couple, fancy diamond Rakhi for the high end customers, Precious diamond Rakhi, Kids Rakhi with soft ribbons and cartoons on them and Rudraksha Rakhi for the religious people.

Then after deciding the Rakhi, comes the selection of thalis. You can choose from Sweet thali pick your brother's favourite, dry fruit thali for people who don't sweet much, Mix thali which includes both. Then there is also the option of selecting a Pooja thali which will have a roli, tikka and chawal. It comes in two varieties like Designer Pooja thali and Silver plated Pooja thali.

If you want the Rakhi to be delivered on the same day, then there are other options like Rakhi with cakes for brothers who have their birthday on the same day, then there is also the option of sending flowers with Rakhi, Rakhi can be sent along with fresh fruits for the fruit lovers. In short, we are here with all possible options for rakhi, rakhi gifts and rakhi delivery so that you can find all at one place.

There are certain cases when due to job or education or other such purpose, brothers and sisters are bound to live away from each other. In this case as well, there is no need to worry as we offer services to send rakhi online. This allows you to send rakhi to your brother even if he is staying away from you. All you have to do is select the desired rakhi from the wide range of rakhi collection offered by us and then enter the select the delivery location. You need to fill all the relevant details in the required fields so that the parcel could be delivered accordingly.

So just sit back at the comfort of your home and buy rakhi online for your brother from The latest and wide collection of rakhi offered by us allows you to select the desired rakhi after surfing all possible options and send it to your dear brother on raksha bandhan

Thursday, 28 July 2016

A convenient and hassle free way to Send Rakhi to India

Send Rakhi to India Online

Rakhi is the festival of the eternal bond between brother and sister. This festival strengthens the strong bond of love which is shared between every brother and sister. This festival is also called as Raksha Bandhan in India specifically. This is the festival of Indian land and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Every brother and sister desperately wait for this festival to occur so that they can celebrate with all the siblings together with lots of joy. This festival is celebrated in a very traditional manner every sister prepare a Puja Thali along with the Rakhi, Roli, Diya, rice and sweets. Firstly sister does Aarti of their brother and then put Tilak on the forehead of their brother after that she ties a sacred thread of love on the wrist of their hand and then serves sweets to them. When sister ties the sacred thread on their brother’s hand, then prays for their long life and happiness. At the same time brother promises to his sister to protect her from every hurdle or evil powers, which will come in the way of her happiness. In this way auspicious festival of Rakhi is celebrated and follows all the rituals.

Some people who are residing outside India are not able to come to India to celebrate this auspicious festival with their sibling. Suppose your brother is India and you are not able to go to India and celebrate this festival with your brother. Then you don’t have to worry about anything you can celebrate this festival as you can send Rakhi to India to your brother. It is very easy to send Rakhi to India with the help of online Rakhi portals available on the internet. You can easily send Rakhi with these portals as there is a wide range of Rakhis is available.

For sending Rakhi online to your brother you are required to select an appropriate online Rakhi portal available on the internet. Then you need to select an appropriate Rakhi from the exclusive collection of Rakhi. You will find a variety of Rakhi like Designer Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Diamond Rakhi, Kids Rakhi, Handcrafted Rakhi, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi and so many others at a reasonable price. You will also find a variety of beautiful gifts along with the offers so that you can buy them for your siblings. After selecting Rakhis and gifts you can confirm your order by placing it. Then it will ask you for the proper address to deliver your order and after that the payment option will appear in which you can pay by credit card, debit card or net banking. When this process is completed, you will receive a massage along with order id so that you can track your order.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Easy ways to buy and send rakhi to Canada

Nobody has ever imagined about purchasing things like rakhi on internet few years before. But today this is reality. In fact, this trend is becoming very popular and becoming the most preferred mode of shopping. This idea was evolved few years back with the introduction of online shopping. There are a number of websites which are promoting many products and services in the online market. Every product which is used in the life of an individual is available here. Even special products for special festival are available online.

Since Raksha Bandhan is approaching, you can buy rakhi online too. It is very convenient to buy rakhi online. The technology of the internet has opened new doors for rakhi shopping and its delivery. A wide range of rakhi is offered to the customers with a freedom to choose whatever they like. With the help of one click they can select their desired rakhi. The option of payment differs with different stores. Some asks for instant payment while some benefit the customers by offering cash on delivery.
In the different online stores, several brands of rakhi as well as rakhi gifts are available. In fact, there are also some brands which are not available in the physical market. This is why people prefer to buy rakhi online.

If you are living in India and your sibling is living in Canada and you are worried how to send it there, then too online source like can help you out. By shopping at this online rakhi portal you are saving a lot of money and time. This is the reason why most of the professionals who are busy in their work life like to buy rakhi online. With the availability of the online stores, they don’t have to wander here and there now looking for unique designs of rakhi. In addition to this, the option of free home delivery provided by many stores makes this concept of shopping more popular. So, if you are also planning to buy rakhi and rakhi gifts check out the range of designer rakhi as well as fabulous gifts at online portal like  This mode is undoubtedly the most preferred mode and there are not at all any kind of hassles involved in the same.

Unlike physical stores that carry a limited range and where the delivery option is not at all available, this limitation is not at all applicable when you buy or send rakhi online. As stated above also, even if your sibling is residing in Canada, then too you can shop at and send rakhi from there to Canada. So, get ready to enjoy this festival and have a look at the collection of latest and trendy rakhi at this online rakhi portal. Don’t compromise with the quality and shop only from the most trusted online rakhi store.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Send rakhi to India, USA or Canada in the most secured and affordable way

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is one such festival that is special for every brother and sister. It is celebrated in different forms in different parts of India. As per the traditions on this day, sister prepares a plate ( known as puja thali) with rakhi, roli and diya and worships God for the well being of her brother. As a part of the tradition, she also ties the thread called rakhi on the wrist of her brother and prays for his well being. This shows the immense love of sisters for her brothers. Brothers in return for this love, promises to protect their sisters from all problems and offer gifts. Thus, Raksha Bandhan is a very popular festival that shows the beautiful relation of a brother and a sister.

How will you celebrate this festival?

Rakhi is special and there’s no need to explain why. Since sentiments are attached to this festival, it needs to be celebrated in the most unique manner. Sisters wish to have the most special rakhi for their brothers and same is the case with brothers. They too want to gift their sisters the most special rakhi gift in return to their love. So, how are you going to celebrate this?

If your answer is by shopping for the most exclusive collection of rakhi and rakhi gifts, then you are surely at the right track. Yes, by this way you can show you care and love your sibling. But what if your loved one is not living at the same place? What if your brother is residing in USA, Canada or any other city is India? Now, if you are puzzled, then the solution is right here. Online sources are there to help you out in this direction. There are many online rakhi portals which offer delivery facility to help you send rakhi to Canada, USA or even to any city in India.

Which online portal to trust for buying and sending rakhi?

Looking around you will find any online rakhi and gift portals that claim to offer the best quality rakhi and amazing delivery options. They may claim to offer the best facility to help you send rakhi to India , USA or Canada but it’s not very sure that they all turn out to be true to their words. There may be some that are just there to make money and so you need to be cautious. If you wish to know the name of one such online portal that offers amazing option of buying rahi and rakhi gifts and sending the too, then is the name you must learn by heart. This rakhi portal has a great reputation in the market and has hundreds of reviews to prove it is best in all respects. If you wish to send rakhi to Canada, USA or India with the help of this portal, then you won’t regret your decision.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Best tips of selection of online Rakhi

As per the Hindu calendar the day of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Purnima in Shravan Maas. This festival is widely celebrated in India. It is the day that represents the pious association of brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan word is the combination of two words, Raksha means ‘protection’ and Bandhan means ‘bond’. Thus, Raksh Bandhan is considered as the bond of gratitude and love which brings sense of responsibilities.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie sacred knot- the Rakhi around the wrist of their brother and perform the other rituals like tilak, aarti. In return, brothers present beautiful gifts to their sisters and give their words that they will protect their sisters throughout their life. All rituals are meant to signify their pure love and affection. Today, this Rakhi festival goes much beyond biological siblings to any two individual who share a brother and sister deep relation. That’s why this festival is celebrated with cousins and close friends

Online Rakhi and Rakhi Gifta Selection Tips

In this high technology world everything is just a click away and Rakhi is no exception here, sending Rakhi and Rakhi gifts are more convenient now by internet facility. Inexpensive Rakhi, multiple choice, easy access of portals and creativity is the main reason of shopping from online Rakhi portals. Generally we all have busy schedule and no time to go markets then why don’t we go for online shopping. Actually these online Rakhi portals are really a blessing for those brothers and sisters who live away from each other, they can send Rakhi gifts and Rakhi to Delhi through online option. All these facilities bring them more close and break the miles distance.

Send Rakhi Online option has huge benefits for buyers such as easy selection of Rakhis from diverse range of designs from the comfort of one’s place. They offer easy modes of online payment, hassle free and on time delivery at the address where you want in Delhi, and online order tracking option. 

  • Select those designs in Rakhi which match with your brother’s taste. If he likes expensive then select Gold and silver plated Rakhi, if the choice is simple one then select simple Mauli Rakhi or sandalwood that is also likely to be appreciated by your brother. 
  • Team up Rakhi with Cards and Sweets. 
  • For return Rakhi gift, ask yourself that there is anything which is required by your sister and then choose that same gift especially for your sister.
  • Try some new designs and creativity in selection of gift and Rakhi.

Online Rakhi portals provide tremendous delivery network so your selected Rakhi and gift will be delivered on time without any damage. These sites offer online Rakhi free shipping option and so that is very beneficial. 

They provide attractive packaging to your selected item so it also pleases your siblings.
So cherish this festival with online Rakhi portals and create new memorable memories with your love one by sending Rakhi online to Delhi

Monday, 7 March 2016

Send Rakhi to India online to celebrate Raksha Bandhan the festival of bond and love

Raksha Bandhan is one of the festivals which are celebrated among Hindus. It is celebrated in the month of august it also known by the name Rakhi Purnima It is the festival of immense love and care between brothers and sister. It is to be believed that the bond between brother and sister is strongest bond. And to feel its presence Raksha Bandhan is the festival which is celebrated all over India.

Raksha Bandhan is not only celebrated among biological relations but also it creates the relation of brother-sister between to unknown. The festival of Raksha Bandhan have several myths and one of it says that queens of rajput sends the thread of love i.e. Rakhi to the rulers which stays there as a neighbour which shows the respect towards brotherhood. Sister tie Rakhi on their brother hand, this Rakhi is the symbol of strong bond which is made with love and care and it have the prayers for his well being. In return brother promise them to protect her with all the situations.

Festivals have so many rituals and tradition. This festival has the tradition of Rakhi which is taken by the sisters for their brothers, they greet them with sweets and chocolates are also the good option for kids. These are several things which grace this festival with love fun and care.

Some of the sisters are not living with their brothers as they got married or they are working in other countries or cities. So they select the mode of sending Rakhis via courier which have several drawbacks like delay in time due to excessive rush during Rakhi season, or misplace of your parcel.

You want to send Rakhi to India and you are not able to find the best way out? Then sisters there is the solution of your problem send Rakhi online. It is the reliable and fastest way of sending Rakhi to India. There are several advantages of online shopping like
  • Anytime Anywhere: Send Rakhi online is the service which you can gain this facility anytime you want from where ever you want. There is no boundation of place and time. The only thing you need is the internet connection.
  • No problem of choice: it has the vast collection of Rakhi for all age groups. So there will be no problem in making choice. Just find best you like and grace your festival with them.
  • On time delivery: the delivery to its destination will be on time. So send your love to you loved ones with send Rakhi online service without any hesitation.
  • At minimum cost: Yes you read it correct, it also have the amazing feature of that it is cost effective. You can find good options or Rakhi in very low price.

wait, hurry and send the token of love to your brothers with the most reliable way with send Rakhi online. Send Rakhi to India, in any of the cities without any worries.